Anaesthetic Fees Information


Anaesthetic Fees Information

Welcome to our website. The following information should allow you to have an accurate idea of what the anaesthetic fees are for your planned surgical procedure.

Your planned surgical procedure will require anaesthesia care provided by a specialist anaesthesia consultant. Most commonly, this will include the administration of a general anaesthetic, but might involve other advanced sedative and / or local (regional) anaesthetic techniques, as well as a contribution to other aspects of pre- and post-operative care.

Consultant Anaesthetists charge a fee that is separate from and additional to any fees that are charged by the consultant surgeon and by the hospital.

Useful terminology
The terminology involved in the payment of medical fees in the private sector is occasionally confusing. Self-pay simply means that the fee quoted by the hospital includes the costs of the anaesthetist, surgeon and hospital.

For those of you with private medical insurance policies to cover your surgical procedure e.g, BUPA, Aviva, AXA PPP etc the fee payable to the anaesthetist are termed benefit maxima. The amount that your private medical insurance policy will cover varies by private medical insurance provider and each have their own rules. In many but not all cases this will be settled entirely by your private medical insurer.

CCSD Codes

For you to understand what the anaesthetic fee is likely to be, you must ask your surgeon for the CCSD code of the procedure(s) that you wish to undergo.

A CCSD code looks like this W8500.

The contribution that your insurer is normally willing to make towards this fee can be found by searching for your surgical procedure using the procedure (CCSD) code on your insurer’s website.

We have listed the links to the main insurance companies on our webpages for your convenience. If your one is not listed, please contact your private medical insurance company for this information.

Important Anaesthesia fee changes from from 1st May 2023

All members of the Almond Anaesthetic Group have tended to charge fees that are no greater than the benefit maxima quoted by private medical insurance companies, meaning that the entire fee for anaesthesia would be covered by the insurance policy. Most insurance companies have kept these benefits unchanged for more than twenty years and give no indication of increasing them in the foreseeable future. As a result, Almond Anaesthetic Group has given notice that its members will terminate their “Fee Assured” status with certain insurers from 1st May 2023.

This means that, if your treatment date is on or after 1st May 2023, the cost of your anaesthesia care might exceed the fee that your insurance company is willing to pay.

You (the patient) will then be responsible for paying any shortfall directly to Almond Anaesthetic Group and will receive an invoice for this.

Minimum Anaesthesia Fees

Almond Anaesthetic Group members set their own fees but are likely to charge a minimum fee of £180  per hour  for your booked surgical time.

We are unable to enter into negotiations with your private medical insurer on your behalf and you are solely responsible for any shortfall in anaesthetic fees due.

Most common CCSD CODES and Private Medical Insurer affected