Anaesthetic Fees Information


Anaesthetic Fees Information

Welcome to our website. The following information should allow you to have an accurate idea of what the anaesthetic fees are for your planned surgical procedure.

The terminology involved in the payment of medical fees in the private sector is occasionally confusing. Self-pay simply means that the fee quoted by the hospital includes the costs of the anaesthetist, surgeon and hospital.

For those of you with private medical insurance policies to cover your surgical procedure e.g, BUPA, Aviva, AXA PPP etc the fee payable to the anaesthetist are termed benefit maxima. The amount that your private medical insurance policy will cover varies by private medical insurance provider and each have their own rules. We have listed the links to the main insurance companies on our webpages for your convenience. If your one is not listed, please contact your private medical insurance company for this information.

For you to understand what the fee is likely to be, you must ask your surgeon for the CCSD code of the procedure that you wish to undergo. A CCSD code looks like this W8500. This CCSD code is required by the fee calculators used on the private medical insurance company websites, and this is where you will be able to find out the anaesthetic fee for your procedure. Our Consultants set their own fees, but as a rule charge the benefit maxima as laid out in the fee calculator.

Therefore for the vast majority of patients, the anaesthetic fee will be entirely covered by their choice of private medical insurer. Where the benefit maxima (the amount the private medical insurer is willing to reimburse the Consultant Anaesthetist for the procedure) is not acceptable you will be informed of the difference prior to your planned surgery. In practice this currently only applies to anaesthetic services for tonsillectomy in patients who are insured by Aviva, where the Consultant Anaesthetist’s fee is likely to exceed the level of cover currently provided by Aviva.

Should this affect you and you wish a personalised estimate of the likely fee to be charged by your anaesthetist for your procedure, please go to the contact us section of this website.